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2011 Ram 1500
Retail Price:$24,560
Discount:- $1,600
Internet Price:$22,960
Brilliant Black Crystal Pear, Automatic, Stock #B289F25, 70,696 mi.
2008 BMW 335i
Retail Price:$20,320
Discount:- $1,580
Internet Price:$18,740
Black, Automatic, Stock #M139F2Z, 80,957 mi.
2006 Honda Accord
Retail Price:$12,350
Discount:- $1,355
Internet Price:$10,995
Graphite Pearl, Automatic, Stock #B104EXZ, 115,755 mi.
2006 Toyota Avalon
Retail Price:$12,450
Discount:- $1,455
Internet Price:$10,995
Silver, Automatic, Stock #M211F1Z, 111,467 mi.
2009 Toyota Camry
Retail Price:$16,350
Discount:- $1,485
Internet Price:$14,865
Silver, Automatic, Stock #A160MKC, 38,937 mi.
2012 Toyota Camry
Retail Price:$20,770
Discount:- $1,905
Internet Price:$18,865
Classic Silver Metallic, Automatic, Stock #A630F14, 40,724 mi.
2002 Toyota Camry
Retail Price:$8,140
Discount:- $1,145
Internet Price:$6,995
Stratosphere Mica, Automatic, Stock #B193EXRZ, 140,943 mi.
2014 Dodge Challenger
Retail Price:$24,710
Discount:- $1,845
Internet Price:$22,865
Billet Silver Metallic Clear, Automatic, Stock #B216P4, 25,975 mi.
2007 Honda CR-V
Retail Price:$14,550
Discount:- $1,555
Internet Price:$12,995
Silver, Automatic, Stock #A120M5, 121,232 mi.
2012 Ford Edge
Retail Price:$23,880
Discount:- $2,015
Internet Price:$21,865
Tuxedo Black Metallic, Automatic, Stock #M114EXR5, 51,156 mi.
2012 Chevrolet Equinox
Retail Price:$17,355
Discount:- $1,490
Internet Price:$15,865
Silver Ice Metallic, Automatic, Stock #A213P4, 67,257 mi.
2014 Ford Escape
Retail Price:$22,420
Discount:- $1,555
Internet Price:$20,865
Deep Impact Blue, Automatic, Stock #A112P5, 39,310 mi.
2002 Ford Escape
Retail Price:$7,835
Discount:- $1,280
Internet Price:$6,555
True Blue Metallic, Automatic, Stock #B117F15Z, 156,133 mi.
2011 Ford Escape
Retail Price:$17,790
Discount:- $1,925
Internet Price:$15,865
Gold Leaf Metallic, Automatic, Stock #A210EXR5, 50,622 mi.
2014 Ford Escape
Retail Price:$27,410
Discount:- $1,950
Internet Price:$25,460
Ginger Ale Metallic, Automatic, Stock #A110P5, 29,120 mi.